Saturday 9th of march 2024
from 10 am till 6 pm

2. Braufestival 2024

This is how Beer is made!

After the successful first edition of our 2023 Braufestival in Forch we are happy to announce the sequel in 2024.

From spaghetti pots to gas-fired 200 liter pans, wood-fired or fully digital – local brewers set up their systems for a day. All brewer brews their own recipes. We are already looking forward to a fiery, steamy and tasty Braufestival in 2024!

the Day

Entrence fee 

10 am – 6 pm


from 14pm


You get a Festivalcup for CHF 5.–

Start of brewing, mash in.
«Gut Sud!»

Drinks and Food
Livemusic with René Heimgartner
from A like Amadeus till Z like Zeppelin

and DJ

Beer & more

Looking over our shoulders, joining in and talking shop is the order of the day. And of course, you can try the brewer’s beers at the bar.

It doesn’t get «craftier» than that!

Don’t like beer? We understand, tastes are different.
We also have alternatives with and without alcohol.
Maybe we can convince you with one or two special brews.

Or how about a brewer’s coffee? This definitely does NOT taste like beer.


At Forchbier Brewery Bundtstrasse 18 – 8127 Forch

The Braufestival takes place in the trusty, old wooden barn of the former construction company Müller Forch.

The brewing will take place in and around the barn and there is covered seating available.

Yes, March can be warm like spring or cold like winter. We are ready for it and the event takes place regardless of temperatures and weather conditions.

Registration for brewers

You would like to take part in the festival with your own brewing system? Excellent!
Please fill out our form and we will get back to you.