Hoi zämä. We are Celine and Simon. Marketing specialist, aircraft mechanic, beer lovers, creative people and hosts. Together we created the Forchbier.

We also share a passion for fire and wood. If we can light a fire or grill we are happy. When we first heard about the idea of the fire brewery, we were curious and after we experienced it, we were thrilled.

We then took over the system and redesigned it ourselves. Something unique was created in the process.
From the construction to the visual appearance, we designed, planned and implemented everything ourselves. Just like we like it.

This means we can enjoy every brew twice, while brewing and while drinking.

Forchbier O

Celine became interested in brewing beer early in her 20s. The first beer was made in a shared apartment in Zurich in the living room (and it wasn’t even undrinkable).

Since then she has been brewing on and off, mostly with third party microbreweries or friends.

Her love lies in the detail, the taste and experimenting with flavors. Also she takes care of the whole visual appearance. 

This brewery trailer is really a dream come true as she always envisioned herself to have her very own brewery one day. Consider that done!

Forchbier über uns
Prosit Forchbier!

Simon was mostly on the consuming side of the beer business with very little knowledge about the actual production.

However, all aspects and the technique used while brewing with fire have hooked him instantly. He is the builder of the unique brewery on wheels, and he loves to put something in action.

He watches over the complexity of the brewing process and is a now a very proud owner of a tap where he can get himself a self-brewed cold one.