The Fire beer

We love nature, wood and fire and we aim to brew authentically, with as little technical aid as possible.

All our beers are brewed on a fully analogue, woodfire powered Brewhouse installed in a Trailer.

Thanks to the traditional, simple brewing, every step towards the finished beer can be experienced.

Forchbier O



We are brewing and serving beer at the Event.

We are brewing and serving beer at the Event.

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the brewery

Just like in ancient times, we use fire as the only heat source for our Forchbeer. We use two antique, traditional washing ports. But instead of cleaning dirty laundry, they live a second life as brewhouse. This setup is unique in Switzerland.

On top of that we have installed the entire brewing setup into a mobile Trailer. This enables us to brew everywhere. The only requirements are a power and a water hookup. Let’s open the side hatch and get started.

Teambuilding, coaching & beerbrewing with Forchbier

Forchbier O


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