Our mobile brewery is coming to you.

Every event is unique and we always discuss details, ideas and concepts with our customers in advance.

We are personal, small and not commercialized. Curiosity, fun and joy are always our priority. The most important thing is to spend a great, unique and lasting day with you that will be remembered.


Forchbier O


  • Enough space for trailer and towing vehicle
  • Straight area with good access
  • 1x water connection (Gardena coupling)
  • 1x power connection (10A, T13/CEE16)
  • drain for water


  • We have a lager or amber beer on offer 36 liters of beer per brew
  • Events with beer consumption always require a lead time of at least 8 weeks (we then brew the beer freshly for you)
  • The home-brewed beer can be taken over on request after the fermentation and maturation period (a good 8 weeks).